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Find Art That Is Right For You

You'll never know what your good at if you don't experiment with an array of different art forms. You don't have to look too far, we have a number of art classes for you to try out. Your finished Indigenous art pieces will bring about curiosity; family and friend will see you as a cultural ambassador. Also, you will stimulate conversation about your experience with the project. More people will want to do what you are doing! 

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Indigenous Art

Prior to your FREE consultation you many find some inspiration in the description of each art form below to help you create an experience for yourself or for your students in your classroom and or colleagues at work! Please note: All raw materials like porcupine quills and fish scales may not be in stock. These are higher budget items that need to be harvested, washed, dried and dyed prior to a class. The pricing will depend on the amount of work to prepare them to bring to your students. I have alternatives and these can be discussed during our consultation call.

All materials and supply costs are not included. Upon registration a list is provided.


Several varieties of beading available to learn: Loom beading, edge-work beading, bead embroidery, appliqué, crazy or crow stitch and more.

Decorative Arts

Four traditional art forms for Indigenous History: Moose Hair Tufting, Birch Bark, Fish Scale and Porcupine Quill classes.

Drum Making

Choose what you would like students to learn: 1. Scraping hide or prepare purchased raw hide 2. Measuring 3. Cutting and soaking 4. Drum Making 5. Design 

Birch Bark 

In the birch back becomes inaccessible the lesson material will be adjusted with replacement materials. Traditional materials like birch bark became containers, trays and framed art pieces. Students will understand the balance of the ecosystem and will participate in the creation of an art form using bark.

Moccasin Making

Our most popular workshop! Design and create your own pair of traditional Woodland deerskin moccasins. Workshop details vary significantly from one moccasin style offering to another. 



The tradition of embroidery remains alive today, though silk is commonly replaced with cotton and rayon floss or thicker wool and synthetic yarns. Embroidered items have long been popular items in the tourist trade, but many are still produced as gifts for friends as well as for personal use and adornment. The Métis in the Subarctic women have long made embroidered mitts and moccasins as gifts. Learn the various techniques.


 This is an in depth 4-part class on building traditional Sioux Style One piece, soft sole or a three piece Woodland style moccasin. You will learn how to create a pattern, cut, bead and or embroider and finally assemble a full pair of moccasins. 

Small Indigenous Art Forms

Learn how to make mini-Rattles, pouches, mini footwear, mini gauntlet gloves and more. Note: Leather is expensive for small budgets and can be replaced with low-cost materials. .​

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How it works

This is our process that we go through with every customer.

  • Strategy Call

  • During the short strategy call you will know within the first five minutes whether or not the art package you chose is right for you. We create learning packages for you by you. It is our mission to create the best art experience for you!

  • Goal Settings

  • Art is more than just paint. We encourage all of our customers to think 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months ahead in the development of their artistic skill. We have a tracking system in place to see if we are hitting your goals.

  • Execution

  • This is the part where your dream needs all of you! Within all of our classes, depending on the package; we incorporate art coaching to help you execute your next step in the development of your art. 

    Pricing plans

    We have got you covered with various plans that suits your budget.



    per month

    Weekly art classes- We will be transitioning into 8 week program to better serve our customer base on September 1st, 2022
    1.5 hour classes per week
    A great plan for those developing their skill and artistic style
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    8-Week Program

    Art Mentorship with membership portal. 

    Choice of in class or virtual lessons

    1.5 hour class per week
    A plan perfect to learn the basics of selling while creating your art.
    Art & Sales Mentorship Program



    for a group of 3 people

    $65 per extra person/up to 5
    One class 2 hours

    A perfect plan for corporations, organizations and businesses for Cultural Team Building

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    Work with us and master art in ways that you've only dreamed about.

    Barbara showed me a way to get the results I was looking for in painting a landscape. I could hardly believe the improvement I made in a month. She has a knack at simplifying the steps, and she inspires me to explore new ideas.

    Jack Smith

    I love art but I didn't think I was any good at it. Then I saw Barbara's art studio, I was amazed at all the different types of art! I wanted to try them all. I really liked beading. Now, I know what it means to explore the arts.

    Ava Green

    Was having troubles with shading and drawing animals. Barbara helped me practice my shading and animal drawing. Very helpful and I definitely recommend her!

    Bob Taylor

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